[Can you eat berberine after drinking]_berberine_drinking_can you eat

People will take berberine for treatment when there are some diseases in the stomach. If you have stomach pain due to drinking, don’t take berberine immediately, because eating berberine after drinking is problematic and you need to cut off before eating.

First, the compound berberine tablets have the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, relieving qi and analgesic, and preventing diarrhea and diarrhea.

It is used for damp and hot in the large intestine, pus with redness and whiteness, diarrhea after severe stress or diarrhea, and anal burning; enteritis and dysentery can be seen in the above syndromes.

Can treat infectious diarrhea.

If you have the above problem, take it a few hours after drinking beer.

Second, it is likely that there is an allergy to alcohol, and the reduction of invertase will cause the body to have too much acetaldehyde and some symptoms, such as: flushing of the whole body, itching or muscles, joint swelling and so on.

It is recommended to check the metabolism, especially if there is a possibility of gout, adjust the diet in time, and drink as little as possible.

Third, the symptoms of stomach pain after drinking, we must consider the performance of acute and chronic gastritis, in this case oral berberine is not effective, you can consider weikangning, Weisu granules, lansoprazole and other drugs symptomatic treatment, the specific medication needs to be in the physicianUnder the guidance.

Fourth, after drinking alcohol, you can take compound berberine to relieve the symptoms that have been corrected, but if you cannot take it for a short time after drinking, it is recommended to take it after 12 hours. You need to pay attention to diet conditioning advice: Your stomachache may be caused by drinking irritation, It is recommended to pay attention to a light diet, it is best to use Si Mo Tang to reduce the symptoms of discomfort, eat less and eat more.

Fifth, when taking compound berberine tablets, you don’t need to be very taboo, try to eat some light food, try not to eat spicy, alcohol can not be taken with medication at the same time, this will affect the efficacy.