“Stomach” wind blowing in spring

春季吹来的“养胃”风 面对变化无常的时节,忽冷忽热成了春天的符号,随着天气的变化,人们的饮食也会变来变去,天热了来点冷饮,天After eating cold food and eating hot food, is your stomach okay?
1、防寒为重 春季护胃,防寒是异常关键的,所以在这个忽冷忽热的季节里一定要防止腹部受凉,及时随天气变化增减衣物,加强保暖,夜晚休息的时候也要盖好Quilt to prevent stomach pain and stomach problems caused by excessive cold in the abdomen.
2, light diet Stomach is also very picky about diet, if you are not careful, it will make you miserable.
In the spring, the diet should be warm, soft, light, and vegetarian. It is not suitable to eat food that is too cold, hot, or too irritating, especially not overeating, and you must quantify it regularly.
Fruit can also be eaten in moderation, which can supplement the trace elements required by the human body.
Only in this way can better protect the health of the stomach.
3、疗程用药 俗话说胃病“三分治七分养”,很多人在胃出现问题以后,总是会随便吃一些胃药顶住,胃不痛了就停药了,这样反反复复药没Eat less, but stomach problems are getting worse.
In fact, the treatment of gastric disease is based on continuous medication, which makes the condition stable and difficult to repeat.
If you have severe stomach upset, you need to take the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.
4. Quit smoking and drinking. People with upset stomachs should quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and other irritating substances in time. These are the most stomach-damaging.
5, work and rest combination In spring, nourish the stomach must pay attention to work and rest combination, relaxed and happy mood, and a healthy and reasonable rest time.
Tension, irritability, and anxiety can affect the normal “work” of the spleen and stomach.
Therefore, in daily life and work, we must pay attention to calming our own mentality, develop a good schedule, living, and sleep must be adequate.
To prevent excessive fatigue, this is beneficial to the conditioning of stomach problems.
Old Chinese medicine reminds that all diseases are caused by spleen and stomach failure, and the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow.
The old traditional Chinese medicine strong body tea uses a unique formula. It uses natural herbs, such as chicken internal gold, yam, citron, hawthorn, and malt, which are extracted and extracted from science and technology, and preserves the precious natural ingredients of the herbs.
The chicken’s gold and yam in the formula can strengthen the stomach, nourish the spleen, and nourish the kidney and strengthen the essence; hawthorn and malt have the effect of appetizing and digesting food; the citron and orange peel have the effects of relieving the liver and qi, dehumidifying and reducing phlegm.No side effects, can take long-term conditioning spleen and stomach.
The “stomach” war is a protracted war. It requires patience and strategy, and a two-pronged approach to diet and therapy in order to achieve a fundamental victory.