Mature women love psychological men, don’t guess

A sex research institute in Germany specially invited 200 pairs of men and women. Men were asked to ask the sexual questions they were most concerned about before inviting women to answer truthfully.

  Man: Why do women sometimes pretend to orgasm? Women: Yes, we do it sometimes, and when we are young, we even do it often.

  Because we think that only women who are prone to sexual excitement are more attractive to men and are the partners that men like. Therefore, each of us hopes that he will be emotional or lookGet up like this.

  Which woman wants to admit that they are indifferent in bed, like a piece of wood?

In addition, we know that men are so passionate and so fragile. I really can’t bear to see them expand so much, but they become the necessary rewards.

That way, they don’t know how much they will disappoint.

  Of course, sometimes we want to maximize and want to end again, because at this time we do not want to have sex, just to meet the needs of our partners.

For too many women, orgasm is not necessarily an inevitable part of a happy night. Unfortunately, men don’t think so.

  Man: Do women like men to wear condoms for sex? Woman: To be honest, we do n’t have any special feelings about whether condoms exist when men have sex.

Maybe men will think that it feels itchy like a boot across a layer of rubber film, but this will not affect women’s pleasure, of course, it will not bring more pleasure.

However, sometimes we think: Is the condom slipping off or is it torn.

This is mainly due to the need for contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

There is no happiness at all if you risk having an unwanted pregnancy or an infectious disease.

  Man: Men masturbate, will women be jealous? Woman: It depends on the relationship between the two.

If the relationship is normal or good, then the man will be happy by masturbating, and the woman will not be jealous.

  We know that masturbation is also a normal sexual act, even in the days after marriage.

Essentially, there is no other woman to take away their love after all.

Sometimes we see how men look at that moment, and even feel particularly irritated and excited.

  However, although we understand that men have their own way of entertaining themselves, and they adopt this type of sexual behavior, it has nothing to do with the relationship between two people.Knowing that men leave themselves to masturbate, they will be jealous and even feel inferior and sad.

  Man: What do women think of non-traditional sexual methods? Woman: Oh, do you mean changing patterns or trying new sexual behaviors? Yes, men are not always satisfied with the habitual sexual positions and caressesThey always want to try something new to pursue greater excitement and happiness.

In fact, today’s women also need to pursue fresh and exciting.

When we think that this sexual posture is healthy, hygienic, safe, and can make us happier, we will not reject the beauty of men.

The key is that we must recognize in advance that this new sexual approach must be harmless and replaced, that is, it must not cause any damage to our physical health.

  Do men want to try new sexual positions and caresses?

Then it is necessary to respect the women’s intentions and obtain their consent, instead of being forced on others by themselves, giving people a feeling of being used, insulted, or even raped.