How summer caused embarrassment Alexander

To prevent underarm odor, you should develop good habits. Underarm odor is common in adolescence. It is caused by bacterial action of the sweat gland secretions of the armpit skin. It is a bad body odor and has a great relationship with heredity.

  How to prevent arm odor in summer?


In daily life, pay attention to personal hygiene and keep your skin clean.

Pay attention to cleanliness, wash the affected area with soap, wash frequently, change clothes frequently, and keep the skin dry.

Especially keep arm sockets, perineum, breasts and other parts clean, wash with soap and water every day.


Take a bath after exercise.

When you usually do cardiovascular activities or excessive exercise, especially after summer exercise, it will cause a lot of sweat, which will create favorable conditions for bacterial growth.

Therefore, you must take a bath after cleaning, clean your skin, and change your underwear frequently to reduce bacterial reproduction.


Reduces irritation to the armpit skin.

Usually, it is necessary to reduce chronic chronic irritation to the skin of the armpit, such as frequent shaving or plucking of sleeve hair, so as not to cause hair follicle hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

If the sweat glands are hypertrophic, they can secrete excessive sweat and increase the amount of lipid excretion.

At the same time, the armpits are warm and distorted, and are not air-permeable, which is easy to breed the growth and reproduction of bacteria, decompose excessive unsaturated fatty acids, and produce odor.

Therefore, do not pull the armpit hair often.


Quit smoking and alcohol, and eat less spicy foods such as onion, garlic, pepper, mustard, etc.


Wear loose underwear.

Young men and women like to wear tights, denim clothes, etc., which causes the skin to stick to the clothes and prevent the volatilization of secretions. Especially in summer, these local temperatures are high and humidity is high, which becomes the “culture medium” for bacteria, which promotes the growth of some bacteria, Decompose, and produce special odors aggravated.


Can be applied topically.

External medicine can have antiperspirant and antiperspirant effects, so that sweat glands cannot produce sufficient amounts of unsaturated fatty acids or bacteria can not breed, only temporarily, to avoid odor.

  In addition, it is usually best to maintain emotional stability and not to be emotional.

Arm odor prevention can not be ignored, we should actively do a good job of arm odor prevention, so that arm odor no longer has the opportunity.