[Enriching stomach porridge recipes]_ making method _ how to make

Gastrointestinal health is the most important foundation for people’s bodies, because the stomach is the main organ for the body to obtain nutrients and energy.

Once the gastrointestinal problem occurs, it will cause great damage to the body. Therefore, people need to maintain the gastrointestinal regularly. The most suitable maintenance method is diet conditioning.What is Yangwei porridge recipes?

Jujube and peanut porridge ingredients: a section of yam peanut (fresh) 45g rice 100g jujube amount method: Step 1.

Wash and peel the yam and cut the hob block.

Step 2.

Rinse the peanuts and red dates with water and drain.

Step 3.

Add two bowls of water to the pot.

Step 4.

Put yam, peanuts, and red dates in cold water, cover with a shell and boil over medium heat.

Step 5.

After boiling, put the rice in.

Step 6.

After putting the rice in, stir the melted rice with a spoon to prevent sticking to the pot. Step 7.

Stir while cooking, and cook the sticky and thick porridge in 10 minutes (speed it, cook in 10 minutes).

Step 8.

Serve in a bowl and accept it.

Peanut Candied Sweet Potato Porridge Step 1.

Sweet potatoes peeled and cut into hob pieces.

Step 2.

Prepare peanut rice and donkey jelly.

Step 3.

Wash and brew the rice for 30 minutes.

Step 4.

Add water to bring to a boil, add rice, sweet potato and peanuts to a boil and simmer on low heat for 30 minutes.

Step 5.

Add candied dates and cook for another 10 minutes.

Step 6.

Cook until the soup is thick.

Lily lotus seed jujube porridge Step 1.

Ingredients: lily, lotus seed, rice, red dates, wolfberry, rock sugar.

Step 2.

Lotus seeds blew.

Step 3.

Add lotus seeds to an electric pressure cooker, add a small amount of water, and press down.

Step 4.

Pressed lotus seeds.

Step 5.Cut out the black part of the lily after foaming.

Step 6.

Soak the dates for ten minutes.

Step 7.

Put water in the pot and add rice.

Step 8.

Cook until the rice grains bloom.

Step 9.

Add lotus seeds.

Step 10.

Add dates.

Step 11.

Add lily and cook until thick.

Step 12.

Finally, add rock sugar and cook.

Lily lotus seed jujube porridge cooking techniques 1, add wolfberry when it comes out of the pot.

2. If it is a dry lily, be sure to soak it in advance.

3, use a pressure cooker to cook porridge, lotus seeds do not need to soak, but ordinary pots need to soak water in advance.

4. Although the taste of the lotus seed core is relatively bitter, it can refresh the heart and is the best product for recuperating and reassuring, so it is best not to remove it.