[How to store wheat without insects]_How to store_How to place

Wheat is actually the millet we all eat, but it belongs to the kind of millet that has not been specially treated. It also has some common problems, including the situation of wheat worms. We shouldWhat caused people’s cognition can actually be solved in some special ways. How can wheat be stored without insects?

1. Tobacco stem pest control: Tobacco stem contains toxic substances such as nicotine and nicotine, which can cause a variety of granary pests.

When storing food in the store, add chopped tobacco stems 10 cm thick at the bottom and top of the store; when storing food in the tank, place the chopped tobacco stems on the surface of the juice, cover it with plastic film, and seal it tightly.The new food remained insect-free for 8 months.

2. Orange peel, red pepper, ginger pest control: 3 kinds of materials are dried and pulverized, mixed with equal or unequal amounts, packed in gauze bags of 50 grams each, and 500 bags of grain are put into three layers for a total of 10 bags. The plastic film is sealed and stored.

One of the aromatic plants such as mountain pepper and its seeds, anise, cumin, etc. can be used.

3. Insect protection of Melia lobata leaves: Dry the Melia lobata leaves half-dry. When storing grain, put a layer of Melia lobata leaves every 15 centimeters of grain thickness, with 3 layers as the standard.

Can also be bitter leaves, fruit crushed according to grain 0.

4% were scattered in the grain pile, and the last layer was sprinkled appropriately.

4, wormwood insect control: There are many types of wormwood, as long as there is a smell, they can be used to control insects.

Put 1 layer of dried wormwood every 15 cm grain layer, a total of 3 layers, and each layer is based on tightly covered grain.

Chinese herbal medicines that have insecticidal and deworming effects can replace wormwood and insect control, such as mountain greens, camphor leaves, pyrethrum, calamus and so on.

5, biogas insect control and pest control: Regularly feed biogas into the grain store or the grain tank, and then seal the grain store or the grain tank. The poisonous gas in the biogas can prevent the pests from invading and kill the pests in the granary.

In order to allow the biogas to quickly penetrate into the grain pile, you can use a back cover and open a porous bamboo pole around it, insert it into the grain pile, and then pass the biogas into the bottom of the bamboo pipe.
In 20 minutes, you can kill the pests.

Grain is stored in sacks before being ventilated with biogas.

Insecticide is completely and pollution-free in this way.

6, Toon leaves insect control: Put a handful of fresh toon leaves in the grain storage tank or pocket to prevent insects.

The dried and crushed fragrant leaves can also be mixed into the grain and bran, accounting for 0% of the grain or feed.

5%, it also has insect-proof effect, the effect of regular leaf replacement is better.

7. Rosin pest control: Add rosin 0 according to 500 kg of food classification.

5 kg, put it in the gauze bag after crushing, put it in multiple points, and finally store it in a plastic film.