Goji berries stuffed with quail eggs for a more delicate skin

[Introduction]Lycium barbarum is a good product for nourishing liver and kidney, and it is also one of the raw materials commonly used in beauty medicated diets. The content of vitamin A is also very rich.

When these foods are added together, they can better promote the absorption of nutrients, and women’s complexion will be more moisturizing.

Medicinal diet health food wolfberry wine brewed quail eggs can give you a good complexion. This is because the quail eggs are rich in protein, B vitamins and vitamins A, E, etc., when cooked with wine, it will produce enzymes that are beneficial to female skinActive substance.

A bowl every day to make your skin tender and shiny.

When boiling wolfberry wine stuffed eggs, first boil 200 grams of wine, then add 5 grams of wolfberry, an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and 50 grams of quail egg liquid, and finally boil.

Quail eggs are more tonic than eggs, but eggs can also be used.

You must remember to eat the egg yolk. Its utility is better than that of the protein. The plasma is also very beneficial to breast development.

The new mother insists on eating every day after giving birth, which not only guarantees high-quality milk, but also makes her skin better and better.