How should the prospective father assist the expectant mother in prenatal education?

Guide: How should the prospective father assist the expectant mother in prenatal education?

Many people know that prenatal education is not a single person’s business, and the prospective father plays a big role in prenatal education.

If the pregnant woman is depressed and highly disturbed during pregnancy, the child will be born with mental retardation, personality quirks, and easily get excited.

Experts point out that, in a sense, new, smart and healthy babies must be fathers.

Especially in emotional prenatal education, the role of the prospective father is very great.

  The husband should actively support his wife’s efforts for prenatal education, take the initiative to participate in the process of prenatal education, accompany the wife to “play” with the pregnancy, tell stories to the fetus, describe daily work and gains, and let the familiar father have a low and powerful voice.Create trust.

  1. Being a “logistics minister” pregnant wife has to bear the nutrition and life of two people.

If the nutrition is insufficient or the appetite is poor, even if the wife is physically weak, it will seriously affect the intellectual development of the fetus.

Because two thirds of the material basis of the baby’s intelligence is formed in the early stages.

Therefore, the husband should care about his wife’s nutrition during pregnancy, and make every effort to be the “logistics minister” of his wife and fetus.

  2. Rich life and fun In the morning, accompany his wife to a fresh environment park, woods or fields for a walk, do morning exercises, and designate his wife to bask in the sun during the day.

The wife feels that her husband is warm and considerate, her mood is comfortable and comfortable, and it is also good for the development of the fetus.

  3, witty and humorous wife due to the great changes in hormone secretion in the body after pregnancy, resulting in shocking pregnancy reactions, so the mood is not stable, so it is particularly necessary to talk to her husband.

At this time, the husband should comfort and enlighten his wife with funny language and humorous jokes, which is a good way to stabilize his wife’s mood.

  4. Assist the wife’s prenatal education. The husband’s consideration and concern for his wife, and the father’s care and “talk” to the fetus are all effective emotional prenatal educations.

  Tips for a long time: In the process of prenatal education, the husband should take extra care of his wife, so that the wife can appreciate the warmth of the family, avoid the wife’s negative emotions such as anger, fright, fear, sorrow, and worry, and keep a happy and full.