How good is your mental judgment

Introduction: It’s a rare holiday morning, and you got up at five!

I had an appointment with my lover for a morning run!

When you glanced at a riverside girl who was wearing sunglasses and dressed in a trendy dress standing in the shade of a tree, just as you passed by and saw her open the LV red bucket bag, looking east and west, you guessed she was looking forwhat?

Take a psychological test.


Glossy paper 2.

Cosmetics 3.

Wallet 4.

Small mirror test results: 1.

If you choose “face paper” for this answer, your response is unsatisfactory, but since you are a person who values national etiquette, you have a good observation ability. You can use the other party’s small actions to launch others’ attempts andpromote.

Choose “cosmetics” for the person who answers this question. Because your observation is very sharp, what happens is usually inseparable, and your shortcoming is that there are too many people who love to detect him. What you really care about is not concernedThis is the ideal point when you do things wrong.


When choosing a “wallet” group of people to go out and play together, you can best use your keen observation, because you are very afraid that everyone will not pay, so you will always pay attention to the actions of others to pay, if no one paysMeaning, going to the toilet and making a call first is your standard escape excuse.


When you choose the “small mirror”, you pay great attention to surface work. You care about the appearance of your appearance. Therefore, you have a poor ability to observe others, and your ability to reflect on objects is beyond reach. People like youIt’s easiest to be fooled.