Easy way to help you eliminate small feeding obstacles

Many novice mothers did not prepare for breastfeeding before giving birth, and found that their nipples were sunken in the future even after the baby arrived, which caused a lot of difficulty for the baby to suck breast milk and caused a small replacement of breast milk.obstacle.

After that, we introduce an alternative and easy way to help mothers remove obstacles.

  Simple method to help you eliminate small obstacles to breastfeeding. Many novice mothers are not ready to breastfeed before giving birth. After the baby arrives, they will find that their nipples are sunken when they are happy in the future.The difficulty caused a small obstacle to breast milk radiation.

In order to allow breast-feeding babies to eat breast milk as soon as possible, many young fathers are eager to suck with their hands or suck with their own mouths.Causes mastitis.

  After that, we will introduce an alternative and easy method for your reference -1. Prepare a pair of disposable 20 ml syringes, a pair of scissors, a washbasin, a towel, and a moderate amount of warm water.

2. Method of operation · Remove the syringe needle and cut off the syringe tip at the 1 ml mark of the syringe.

  · Withdraw the plunger of the syringe, fasten the tail of the syringe to the maternal nipple, and insert the plunger.

The operator holds the syringe in the left hand, and slowly pulls the piston backwards with the piston handle in the right hand, so that the nipple can be activated once or twice.

  · After the nipples are normal, use a warm towel to scrub the maternal nipples, and the newborn can suck.

The nipples will no longer be invaded by sucking on the newborn several times.

· For an uncorrected mother, repeat every 3 to 6 hours.

  Finally, remind mothers who are about to give birth again, do not forget to prepare your breasts before giving birth so that your baby can suck the mother’s milk as soon as it is born.