Beautiful buttocks teach you the hips

Every woman wants her own ass to be more cocky and more sexy. “Beautiful buttocks” Kelly Milo will teach you how to practice your hips.

Whether it’s sexiness, stage image, or singing power, Kelly Milo is impressive.

  With a devilish sexy figure, handsome face, sweet voice, the small petite Kelly Milo also has the reputation of “Pea Princess”.

In Europe and Asia, she is a household superstar; in the Americas, she is a mysterious character with a little mystery.

Now let’s hear how these paradigms shape their beautiful buttocks.

  Kelly Milo likes to find the perfect way to eat and taste good.

She likes to eat papaya, and often uses papaya porridge to satisfy herself.

This beautiful and healthy little nutritious recipe is really useful for the curvaceous beauty.

Learn from the food!

You MM can’t try it!

  Papaya porridge Ingredients: 100 grams of previous rice, 200 grams of papaya seasoning: 50 grams of white sugar practice: 1.

Rinse the papaya, soak it in cold water, steam it on the basket, and cut into small pieces.


The previous rice was washed clean, soaked in cold water for half an hour, picked up and drained.


Add about 1000 ml of cold water to the pot, add the previous rice, first boil it with high heat, then use a small fire for half an hour, then pour the papaya block, adjust the taste with white sugar, continue to cook until the rice is soft and rotten, you canIt is edible (it has the effect of breast enhancement and beautiful buttocks).

  In addition, they all like to do some exercise to raise their hips and hips. Now introduce a set of gymnastics that can make the front tilt up. Only a pair of small dumbbells can be practiced anytime, anywhere. Learn to learn, can’t reach the world.The first beautiful buttocks can at least make the hips more than the present.

  As long as we insist on it, we can have a body like Kelly Milo and Brazilian Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak, and the hip-hop dream will not be too far away.


Stepping over, the two arms hold the dumbbells perpendicular to the body.

  Stand straight, the pelvis is perpendicular to the ground, and the abdomen is tight.

  Executive points: tighten the hip muscles 2 .

Do the squatting action, hold the dumbbells in your hands for a few seconds.

  Executive points: Try to kneel down.


Adjust the body smoothly, stand straight, and kick the hind legs in small increments.

  Execution points: The kicked leg should be straight.