How to have a healthy upper limb

Pectoral muscles, triceps: push-ups, according to the requirements of muscle growth, the number should be controlled at 8?

The pectoral muscle is divided into upper, middle, and lower sides; local, middle, and lateral.

  Dark upper side: upward slope (head high feet low body and ground 30?
40 degrees) middle of the chest: supine (the body is parallel to the ground), the lower side of the side: down (the head is low, the body is 30 feet above the ground)
40 degrees) Height: Narrow distance (both hands support the ground narrower than shoulders) Strengthen triceps training Middle of the top: Constant distance (both hands support the ground equal to shoulders) Side: Wide distance (two hands support the ground width and shoulders)3?
4 groups of 8?
12 times; upslope 2?
3 groups of 8?
12 times; downslope 2?
3 groups of 8?
12 times.

Do not consider the support distance in the initial stage, use constant distance.

Dumbbell (filled with plastic bottle) Asuka 3?
4 groups of 8?

Also refer to dumbbell training for triceps pose.

  Latissimus dorsi, biceps, forearm: one day training plan: supine pull-ups: (without horizontal bar) two stools are required, one stick is placed in the middle, and the hands are held on the stick with the shoulders wide.Focus on the latissimus dorsi and biceps, and press your chest against the stick.

Appropriate adjustment to control the number at 8 per group?
12 times, 3?
4 groups.

Hold the stick with both hands, do 2 for each of wide and narrow distances?
3 groups of 8?
12 times.

Dumbbells (can be replaced by plastic bottles filled with water)
4 groups of 8?
12 times.

Also refer to dumbbell training for triceps pose.
  Deltoid, trapezius, and abdominal muscles: One-day training plan: sit-up position, with the thighs bent at 45 °, the body at 90 ° with the thighs, feet holding objects, hands holding heads and holding heavy objects, and the body when the abdomen contractsAt an angle of 90 ° to the ground, lower it to its original position, so that the abdominal muscles are always under tension.

12, 3?
4 groups.

Then do a supine leg, grab the armrest with both hands, tie the legs with weights, the same number of times, the number of groups.

Do a little sideways weight reduction, lean down to exercise the back muscles.

Other muscle movement training positions.

  Leg muscles: The weight-bearing method is slightly changed, and the posture is similar.

  Summary: If there is a horizontal bar and dumbbells, the effect is better.

Horizontal bar training method: Horizontal bar can be used for pull-ups, straight-arm lifts, curved rulers, tumbling, forehand and backhand bars, upside down and many other sports.
Generally trained are chest, back, abdomen, upper arm, forearm and other parts.

The quantity is the same as above.

Dumbbells are necessary for fitness, and their functions can replace a variety of equipment. Generally, a pair of dumbbells should choose about 60 kg.

  Muscle recovery period of 48?
72 hours, so it is not effective to continue to exercise the same muscle before the muscles have fully recovered, instead it will affect the exercise effect.

Generally, when large muscles are exercised, small muscles are involved in exercise. In this case, as long as the muscles involved in the exercise are exercised on the same day, the effect is the best.

Number of groups, frequency requirements, big muscles 3?
4 groups, 6?
10 times, 3?
4 moves, small muscles 2?
3 groups, 8?
12 times, 2?
3 actions.

Large muscles include: pectoral muscles, latissimus dorsi, abdominal muscles, and legs.

  At the beginning of training, you should appropriately reduce weight and increase quantity.

The number of exercises in each group refers to: the number that can be completed at one time, for example, you can do 30 push-ups in one breath, and you can only do 8 in each group to exhaustion as required
Twelve, then you need to bear weight on your body, so that you have pressure to do less than 30, and you can only do 8 to 12 at most.

Take an interval break of 60 each time?
90 seconds, take a break of 2 to change the training interval?
3 minutes with a total exercise volume of 45?
60 minutes is appropriate and cannot exceed 90 minutes.

Need to warm up before exercise 5?
10 minutes, 15 after exercise?
Replenish 100 grams of food in a timely manner within 30 minutes (1 skim bread, 1?
2 egg whites).