Skin care should be refined according to skin classification

We all know that groups of different ages will encounter different skin care difficulties.

Skin care, not only pay attention to typing, but also pay attention to age, and never take the wrong car when choosing a strategy.

Only by knowing your skin type clearly can you do the corresponding prevention work in advance according to the figure.

However, will the beautiful “enemy” of acne, fine lines and stains be uninvited at some period?

  Give your skin a “signature pulse” The traditional skin typing method is based on the skin’s water and oil status, and divides the skin into oily skin, normal skin, dry skin and mixed skin.

But these skin typing methods are not very scientific.

  Recently, the Skin and Cosmetics Laboratory of the Shanghai Dermatology and Gender Hospital conducted a survey on “skin types”.

More than 300 women who are not outdoor workers were selected as test subjects.

Researchers divide them into 5 age groups, which can be used for sampling surveys and related instrument testing.

It is reported that through the instrument data, the condition of the skin can be objectively evaluated: such as the amount of skin on the skin, the amount of skin oil, skin color, skin wrinkles, skin elasticity, and skin sensitivity.

  In the content of the questionnaire, the researchers asked hypotheses to objectively evaluate their skin status from four aspects.

First, is it oily or dry?

Second, is it sensitive skin or tolerant skin?

Third, is it pigmented or non-pigmented?

Fourth, is it wrinkled skin or firm skin?

  Increasing trends in skin typing have led to some interesting results from surveys of skin types.

For example, with regard to the water and oil condition of the skin, 12% assume that they are oily skin, 24% think that they are dry skin, 25% think that they are normal skin, and 39% think that they are combination skin.

This ratio is in agreement with some of the results obtained by the detection instrument.

Ongoing analysis by Professor Wang Xuemin. At present, women’s knowledge of judging skin oiliness or dryness is more objective and scientific, and they can conduct correct self-evaluation.

  Regarding skin pigmentation, the self-evaluation of the lesions does not match the data of the detection equipment.

Expert analysis, this is mainly because people do not fully understand pigmented skin.

To determine whether it is “pigmented skin”, reorganization alone depends on whether the color of the skin is darker. It is also necessary to diagnose the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays and the possible multiple factors that leave pigmentation after injury.

  Experts point out that it has become a trend to refine the classification of skin types.

In addition to simple oily and dry classification, more attention to sensitivity and tolerance, pigmentation and non-pigmentation, etc., will greatly promote people’s skin care awareness.

  Knowing yourself and knowing each other, “rescuing” Strawberry Nose to reach adulthood, are you busy with your career. Do you care about the following details: Do you often sacrifice sleep in order to catch up with work reports, or shut down to sleep after using your computer at night, lazy to wash your face carefully?

It is these details that quietly “steal” your skin’s health, causing the pore switch to unknowingly fail.

Under the embellishment of large pores, the nose of a good end looks like a strawberry.

Want to include the “Strawberry Nose” action in your winter skincare plan?

Professional advice!

  The survey on skin health awareness, initiated by the Skin and Cosmetic Research Laboratory of Shanghai Dermatology and Venereology Hospital, shows that among the most prone skin problems in young adults, enlarged pores are the most prominent.

Continuous pores, such as neglect to clean the skin and lack of standardized cleansing methods, suddenly become larger.

  In progress, Professor Wang Xuemin said that the skin itself is constantly metabolism, and tens of thousands of epidermal cells are replaced every day.

In addition, the skin is exposed to the skin for a long time, and it is easy to accumulate dust and various chemicals, so washing the skin often is the most basic way to protect the skin.

  It is recommended that those with conditions wash their face three times a day.

In winter, you can wet the face with warm water first, then use cleansing products that can easily decompose the water to completely remove the oil and dirt on the skin surface, and then wash it again with cold water to shrink the skin blood vessels and reduce sebum secretion.

In addition, you must carefully choose skin care products suitable for your skin type. When you first use a skin care product, you must carefully observe the skin’s reaction and whether to continue using it.

It is especially important to pay attention not to develop the bad habit of staying up late. Insufficient sleep can easily disrupt the skin’s metabolism and make the enlarged pores worse.

  Don’t let the stains report in advance that with the increase of age, the speed of blood circulation gradually decreases.The skin’s subcutaneous tissue intermediate layer is also easy to relax and lack elasticity, and it is easy to accelerate deterioration without proper maintenance and care.

In particular, the gloss of the skin will decrease, and the stains will rush to report.

  Value suggestions: Melanin increases the formation of pigmentation caused by pigmentation.

Because the epidermal layer of the face is thin and the capillaries are rich, it is easy to cause irritating dermatitis, and gradually forms pigmentation after hardening.

It can also be caused by obstruction of the fine circulation between the skin tissue cells and skin gray skin.

The pigmentation site is mainly in the basal layer of the epidermis. In severe cases, the dermis layer also contains doped melanin, which causes various stains that impede capacitance.

  Care the skin scientifically, for example, keep pores open, promote the smooth replacement of melanin, restore the normal microcirculation of the skin and the normal metabolism of melanin.

In addition, eat more foods that contain gelatin, such as chicken feet, fish skin, etc. Supplementing gelatin can also help slow skin aging to a certain extent, and at the same time delay the period of pigmentation.

  How to use skin care products to be safe?

  For those with sensitive skin, how can you safely use skincare products to complement the health and beauty of your skin?

In this regard, experts suggest that you must observe the topical use before using skin care products formally.

For example, follow the product absorbed 2 mm x 2 mm behind your ear for 14 consecutive days to see if it can cause an allergic or irritating reaction.

Or use it only on a small area, and make sure to use it on your face after two weeks.

  Improves the response to itchy and dry winter. Annoying skin itching occurs frequently.

It is also necessary to pay attention to methods to better resolve itching.

The outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum. If the stratum corneum is injured, its protective effect on the skin will be lost, the water in the cells will easily evaporate, and the skin will be drier.

Therefore, even if the degree of itching becomes worse, you cannot scratch it hard, because it scratches the skin and causes damage to the skin, and bacteria easily enter the skin and cause skin inflammation and ulcers.

  There are many ways to deal with skin itching.

First, choose a soft and loose cotton fabric to reduce skin irritation.

Do not scrub vigorously with a strong bath or soap every day. Taking a shower too often will only worsen sebum reduction and irritate the skin.

When bathing, the water temperature should be between 24 ° C and 29 ° C.

If the water temperature is too high, the capillaries on the skin surface will dilate, which will cause skin damage.

After bathing, moisturizing skin care products such as vaseline should often be used to lock skin surface moisture and reduce dryness and itching.

In addition, you should eat less spicy food such as beef and mutton, onions, and garlic, while drinking less and smoking.

If the dryness and itching of the skin does not relieve after you adjust it, it is better to ask the doctor for the right medicine.

  Why do people hate too many photosensitive substances around them: “Why do I still have red spots and even sunburn after using sunscreen?

“In fact, one of the reasons may be the exposure or consumption of these light-sensitive substances.

  Plants containing light-sensitive substances: mustard, rapeseed, spinach, snow cabbage, bayberry, malan, buckwheat, lettuce, locust flower, purslane, dragon sprout, fig, etc.

  Household products containing photosensitive substances: bleach, sunflower musk and methylcoumarin.

  Drugs containing photosensitive substances: chlorpromazine, alternative azine, chlorothiazide, griseofulvin, sulfamin, tetracycline, etc.

  Chinese medicines containing light-sensitive substances: nepeta, windproof, solitary, white peony, psoralea and ruta etc.

  Homemade facial masks for skin care, please hold it right now. There are countless kinds of homemade facial masks: cucumber, honey, aloe, egg white, etc. can be used to make facial masks.

Some women can’t wait to apply all these materials to their faces.

Yes, relevant professionals remind that using homemade masks for skin care needs to be well controlled, especially when changing seasons, use them with caution.

  Don’t think that pure natural plants are definitely good for skin health.

Those fruits and vegetables that are often used surface film materials, and even their effective ingredients can improve the skin, but after all, the concentration of these pure natural substances is difficult to control, and excessive use will cause damage to the skin.

For example, orange juice, which contains the fruit acid component, can improve the skin environment.

But orange juice has a high content of fruit acid, which can cause skin redness and burns if you are not careful.

  When the season is changed, the skin’s barrier function will be reduced, the external resistance will be reduced, and even the less sensitive skin will become sensitive.

At this time, we must pay special attention to the bladder is best to be low-irritant, and then use homemade masks must be extra careful.